Mandy M Roth Audio Books

Here is a link to all the audio books I have that are currently available and the coming soon ones as well.

Q: Why aren’t all my titles currently available in Audio book format?


1. This process is a long one and very involved.

2. Cost. Though I’m considered a hybrid author (Small press + NY + indie/self), the cost of audio falls squarely on my shoulders. Narration/production/proofing adds up fast.

3. That being said, I am working VERY hard to get all of my back list into audio format. It won’t happen overnight but please know that I am working hard on it. By the end of this year I will have gone from having 2 audio books to having 17. That is a BIG step. I’m hoping that by the end of 2015 I have another 15-20 in audio as well.

Thanks everyone for your interest in my audio books. I’m SOOOO excited that they are doing well. And I love that I’m reaching new readers through them. The good news is, if they sell well that will mean I can put even more into production as I’m currently rolling profits from them back into audio book creation.