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Just Released: Act of Surrender (PSI-Ops/Immortal Ops)

JUST RELEASED! Act of Surrender (PSI-Ops/ Immortal Ops)

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Part of the Bestselling Series World The Immortal Ops by Mandy M. Roth
Paranormal Shifter Military Special Ops Romance

Book Two in the PSI-Ops Series

Dr. James Hagen thought he’d bid Paranormal Security and Intelligence Agency good riddance nearly ten years back. He’d been an operative with them for so long that carving out a new path in life had taken time, but he’d achieved it. He’d made it his mission in life to help the wayward find a path again, to help those who couldn’t help themselves. All that changed when he fell into enemy hands. Now, unable to fully heal and plagued by nightmares and choppy visions of what is to come, James isn’t sure if he can keep going. That is, until he meets PSI’s newest person of interest—a quirky, sexy cyberpunk who totally turns his world upside down.

Laney Steele knows she’s onto something. It doesn’t matter that most have written her off as a conspiracy theorist and a hacktivist. She knows the government is hiding the existence of super soldiers who can shapeshift into animals. She’s so sure that she puts herself on the line to find out more, only what she uncovers isn’t exactly what she was hoping for, and it has a heck of a lot more to do with her than she ever thought possible. When her newfound online gamer buddy turns out to be a super solider, she throws caution to the wind just for a chance to be with him. Neither one of them realize the enemy has been lurking, waiting for the perfect moment to strike—again.

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Now Available! A View to a Kill (King of Prey 2)

Now Available! A View to a Kill (King of Prey 2)

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A trained assassin…a man even the deadliest of warriors fear. To cross him is foolish. To steal his heart is pure madness.

Book two in King of Prey series.

Sachin, head advisor to the king of the Accipitridae realm, has been forced to put his trips to Earth on hold. He’s not been honest with himself or King Kabril about his need to visit the primitive planet. The king thinks him to be a womanizer, out to bed as many human females as possible.

In truth, a woman he should have been able to woo with little to no effort—his mate—has found someone else to fill that void in her life. She wasn’t supposed to be on Earth. She wasn’t supposed to be human. And she sure the hell wasn’t supposed to agree to marry another man while Sachin was away.

Sachin must make a choice, give up the one woman he knows to be his true mate and let her live in ignorant bliss of what walks among her people, or fight for what’s his, taking it at all costs. A trained assassin…a man even the deadliest of warriors fear. To cross him is foolish. To steal his heart is pure madness.

Mandy M Roth Audio Books

Here is a link to all the audio books I have that are currently available and the coming soon ones as well.

Q: Why aren’t all my titles currently available in Audio book format?


1. This process is a long one and very involved.

2. Cost. Though I’m considered a hybrid author (Small press + NY + indie/self), the cost of audio falls squarely on my shoulders. Narration/production/proofing adds up fast.

3. That being said, I am working VERY hard to get all of my back list into audio format. It won’t happen overnight but please know that I am working hard on it. By the end of this year I will have gone from having 2 audio books to having 17. That is a BIG step. I’m hoping that by the end of 2015 I have another 15-20 in audio as well.

Thanks everyone for your interest in my audio books. I’m SOOOO excited that they are doing well. And I love that I’m reaching new readers through them. The good news is, if they sell well that will mean I can put even more into production as I’m currently rolling profits from them back into audio book creation.

Now available for purchase! Goddess of the Grove: An Immortal Highlander Novella (Druid Series Book 2)

Now available for purchase! Goddess of the Grove: An Immortal Highlander Novella (Druid Series Book 2)


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Sacred, worshiped…hunted.

All Korey O’Caha wants in his immortal life is to keep evil at bay, protect the witches he was destined to teach and to bed as many women as possible. He doesn’t want love but he didn’t plan on Gigi. Her very presence calls all he vowed sacred in life into question. She quickly becomes his reason for existing but can she ever fully accept him and who he is–a seven hundred year old immortal druid sorcerer? Will the secrets she’s hiding be his undoing?

Gigi, the daughter of a great god, could not stand idly by and allow innocent druid children to be slaughtered. She intervened, placing them under her protection. In the end she was imprisoned in a place where time moved differently than here on earth. That was almost seven hundred years ago. Once freed, she ran as far from the old country as she could. Never did she expect to find ties to the land, let alone a man who stirs her blood the way Korey does.

As shadows from the past resurface, bringing news of an uprising, truth and passion ignite, leaving Gigi at the mercy of Korey.